Life Aesthetics

Every Detail In Life Can Be Art!

Life Aesthetics

Photo of Mr. Xue Fu and Zhang Daqian

Dr. Rudolph Schiff, who made San Francisco an art city, represented the United States in the promotion of “artistic life” in Europe as early as 1925.
Early art only limited to the royal family, the only Chinese but also to see in the palace until the inclusion in 1644 of the tenth Zhai Jian bamboo spectrum Ming Dynasty Carving. Wait until the general public can see precious artworks.

“Artistic life” is to bring principled, harmonious and harmonious designs into our lives. Bring a harmonious and balanced environment to the family through what you see and use in everyday life. 

“Artistic Life” is different from “Artistic Life”

“Artistic Life” refers to life as satisfying one’s heart, calling itself art. Qi Baishi’s teacher Chen Shi was a famous painter and art educator in modern China. The principle of painting is one of the representative painters of “Beijing School” paintings in the early 20th century. Chen Shi once advocated:

“The most important thing about literati painting: first is character; the second is learning; third is talent; the fourth is thought.”
“Artistic Living” allows us to learn to understand the character of art, and its principles and harmony are harmonious.