Family University

Family University - Building A Stable Family In Today's GenerationFamily University is an organization designed to help every family become parents, children, grandparents, and every other family a place where members of the court can learn how to live and enjoy a fulfilling and happy life. If you are a family with family relationship issues or need to know what to do to help your family succeed For a place of happiness and peace, then we are here to help you

Based on the United States, it has strong and high-quality educational resources, and it provides a wider and wider learning opportunity for international students on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. We have experienced and professional American International Education Consultants (located in North Carolina and Virginia), all of whom are professional education consultants.

Visit our library for free eBooks or you can purchase eBooks from our book store today. Family University has many programs that can help families in many areas. If you have special needs, please contact our office, we will reply individually.

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